Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Hey... COD Black Ops MP Footage!

So you might be wandering why I would still post Call of Duty stuff on this blog considering I don't really play shooters that much anymore, but here is the new footage of Black Ops multiplayer with a full reveal on September 1. Honestly, I still don't own a copy of Modern Warfare 2 to this day and its arguably one of my biggest gaming regrets of the past year, but I don't mind that moving on to the whole Street Fighter thing. I still played the demo that finally came out on the Playstation Store last week and enjoyed it, but it didn't really make me wanna go back to the shooting business that bad. Despite my current feelings about the FPS genre, Black Ops still looks pretty good retaining that Call of Duty flavor gamers love now and looks like Treyarch is adding some replay system as well. I also recently watched GameTrailers' latest Bonus Round talking about the big fall shooters and it seems like they are still praising Black Ops despite possibilities of franchise fatigue by serious shooter fans. Especially on the 360, it might be hard for those guys of whether to stick with Black Ops or Halo: Reach this fall as the shooter to play and get, but knowing gamers, we would just buy both because both shooters offer different experiences. In the meantime, Black Ops will be out this November and hoping to repeat the same success as Modern Warfare 2 had, but I doubt it.

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