Thursday, August 19, 2010

Will Halo: Reach be the Swan Song Bungie Deserves?

It is kind of crazy that Halo: Reach is out in about a month only on the Xbox 360 and even though I haven't really been paying attention to what is new with this new game, I still have my high hopes about being Bungie's swan song to the franchise that made them famous. I do know that they are going all out with a bang with Reach being stacked full of features with the campaign that is solo and cooperative, all the new multiplayer shenanigans that the beta had along with additions, Firefight making a return from ODST, Forge being bigger than ever, and more. Who knows if Reach will be the shooter of the year in terms of how long the multiplayer will last especially with stiff competition by the Call of Duty franchise these days with Modern Warfare 2 and the upcoming Black Ops, but I'm pretty sure the shooter crowds will still play all those games as each game does have its own tempo of craziness. I was a little excited about Bungie bringing back some Halo 2 Maps like Ivory Tower and Midship into Reach, but my excitement overall for the game has been on the down low since I don't have a 360 now and having shooter fatigue during my times with that console. We'll see how Halo: Reach does when it comes out next month and I don't mind making a return to the franchise by buying the Reach Slim bundle too.

UPDATE - So the game has been leaked a month early, which is crazy stuff. Good luck avoiding spoilers if you are eagerly awaiting this game to come out.

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