Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its Snoop Dogg week in Rock Band... Yeah!!! (Some footage)

This week in Rock Band is something special, which features the one and only Snoop Dogg. Yeah yeah, Snoop is not considered rock, but like Lady Gaga week, this is Harmonix once again branching out to non-rock genres because we all know you would get sick of hearing and playing the same old songs. A little random variety is nice to have here and there especially with some hip-hop. It also seems like a jab at Def Jam Rapstar with Harmonix saying hey - we can do hip-hop too with rock instruments. Most of the tracks got re-recorded for the game like the older ones, but some of them are the original ones especially Snoop's later hits like "Sensual Seduction" (video above). As expected, this is not really meant for guitarists/bassists as vocalists and drummers will have a field day with the new DLC out today on the Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network. In the meantime, here's more full song footage of some songs... Snnnnoooppppp!!

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