Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Okay... I Want DJ Hero 2 Now. (Demo footage)

In case you don't know, I don't have DJ Hero 1, but I have played lots of it at my cousin's house and master Hard difficulty. I almost bought it for 20 bucks when Toys R Us had that deal, but I was too late, which was a bummer. Anyway, DJ Hero 2 is out next month and already impressing me because it is still up my alley in terms of music and they have been cranking up the features that the first game lacked. A demo came out today on Xbox Live Marketplace and soon on Playstation Network as footage of it in action in below featuring three good mixes (1 of them shows off the new battle mode). Also, you will notice the new gameplay touches as well (vocals are also in too). After seeing this, my excitement meter raised up significantly to the point I would cave in for the pricey party bundle, but we'll see with that. Plus, can't wrong with scratching as Deadmau5 in the game and yes, I want to play this demo now too.

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