Sunday, September 26, 2010

On the Fence? Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is out this week and yes, another Guitar Hero game, but Activision has been smart enough this time around not to oversaturate the market with this franchise even though you can argue that Guitar Hero killed the genre that modernized it for this current generation. Anyway, people have the game early knocking out FCs of the songs in the game. I have been out of the rhythm game for a while even though I have been paying attention to what is going on because of the music fiend in me. It is indeed a make or break year for the rhythm genre as most of us believe it has run its course among the mainstream audience, but the hardcore fans will keep it going from completely dying. Warriors of Rock, to me, doesn't offer anything new to the table as expected other than a story mode that is somewhat pointless. With Guitar Hero and Rock Band in 2010, you get a sense of separation between the two these days even though the core game on both are the first. Warriors of Rock is becoming more of a game with Neversoft putting in "gamey" stuff to make it stick out from the competition while Rock Band 3 is becoming more of an actual experience with the pro instrument stuff, the addition of a keyboard, and more. It is probably for the best that Neversoft not to attempt beating Harmonix at their own game and establish their own identity, but that's pretty much the case with the visual styles both games are going for. In the meantime, here's some Warriors of Rock footage featuring some songs (it is about the soundtracks these days that the disc games have that will decide my purchase, but of course DLC will also matter too). It is more of the same for Guitar Hero fans, but hey more songs to FC I guess for them. Personally, just wait till Rock Band 3 if you are only buying one of these games this fall.

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