Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Def Jam Rapstar DLC for 11/2/10 (360)

Another week and finally Konami and 4mm Games are getting their ish together in terms of Def Jam Rapstar DLC (at least on 360 and who knows if PSN catches up all in one week). 1 oldie from the 90s and 3 recognizable recent hits are out this week so...

Oh yay more Drake... this one is a no brainer and I'm getting tired of rapping/singing "Best I Ever Had" already. Come to think of it, "Forever" is not that bad of an idea to put out as DLC too.

This oldie for me is for now a maybe, but at least another song by a female rapper. They could of picked a better Foxy Brown song, but who knows.

Oooo... more Flo Rida, which means I'll be #1 on the leaderboards for that song for a little bit lol.


Two more freestyle beats are also out this week as well and as I mentioned already, hopefully Playstation Network can at least catch up on at least two weeks when the Store releases stuff today.

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