Monday, November 8, 2010

So What's The Consensus with Dance Central???

Watching Dance Central footage of the harder difficulties is crazy stuff... at least on Easy it shouldn't be too bad, but even on Hard, it is already nuts. Here's some clips of what I mean here and yes, I still want to play this game and make a fool of myself. Whoever has it or played it, how fun is it really?

Great pick for a Rihanna song to be honest...

So "Poker Face" is I think the easiest song to dance to in the game if just by going the list on the song selection screen. Probably a good choice to start with anyway.

"Just Dance" is at the bottom of the list and arguably one of the harder songs. How crazy that it begins and ends with Gaga in this game if you play them in order.

Also another great song in the game surprisingly...

Can't go wrong with "Poison" and good thing they got the signature moves from the video in the game, which is the case with some songs as well.

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