Thursday, December 9, 2010

MvC3 gets Hailstorms and Seismos...

Marvel vs. Capcom 3's new announcements today are a good start to my morning...

MvC2 high-tier favorite Storm finally gets the MvC3 treatment and pretty much most of her game is intact. She can still somewhat runaway with her flying abilities (I guess), her supers are still the same with her hailstorms and lightning storms. Hailstorm game might be nerfed though since u can't really call assists out like crazy. I do like the different retro look she has as well and also not as annoying (voice-wise) too like in MvC2 (lol). Since most of her core game is still the same deal, expect Storm to be another favorite here.

Street Fighter IV's Crimson Viper makes her versus game debut in MvC3 and out of the new characters in that game, she makes the most sense in this type of game with her crazy sheninegans. After seeing the footage, the transition has worked well for the lady with thunder knuckles and seismos (Also her focus attack from the SF4 games). Her combo game seems good and she also seems to have a tri-dash, which getting in should be easy for her to dish out the damage. All her supers and ultras are in as well, which is expected and easier to connect after combos. Since SSF4 and MvC3 are completely different games, her flame kick game would likely be nerfed (crossup sheninegans is what I mean). Speaking of her burn kick, it seems too bright once it connects, which could be a little distracting for the eyes as we'll see if Capcom will tone down the brightness of that move come final release. All in all, I like Viper's inclusion in the game to the point I would consider trying her out, but then again high levels of execution like in SSF4 will probably matter, so we'll see with that.

There's the MvC3 Food Fight event also happening this Saturday at Los Angeles and I might go, but if I recall my experience with previous Capcom events, specifically the Super Street Fighter IV launch party, it's going to be a hassle to get in and luckily I got in by just swooping in. Since they're only letting 200 people in first come first serve, I'm not willing to take any chances of waiting a few hours outside downtown LA just to hang out, eat some awesome food by the food trucks that will be there, and play MvC3. So, who knows with that... but you never know I might just go after all. Anyway, here's more footage of Storm and C.Viper in action below.

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