Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Thoughts About Tron Legacy...

I saw Tron Legacy earlier today and it was a pretty cool movie even though I didn't remember watching the original Tron in its entirety. It did live up to expectations being a visual spectacle and of course Daft Punk's soundtrack showed its brillance in the movie as well (I already talked how amazing it is a couple weeks ago). It is way different hearing the epic tracks during the intense moments than just home on iTunes as they made sense when they played. Of course the movie has its flaws if I wanted to get picky such as the dialogue not being all that and some plot holes here and there, but its still a good movie bringing The Grid to a modern state. I didn't mind the guy who played Sam's acting as it wasn't that bad as I thought of even though there were some cheesy one-liners. There wasn't much 3D as I thought other than the main action scenes, so 3D nuts are probably not going to get their money's worth like most Disney 3D movies. I also didn't mind the crazy exposition and all the philosophical banter by the cast either, but I can see why casual movie-goers would be a little out of the loop what in the world is this digital frontier Flynn is going for. Also, shoutouts to Olivia Wilde for having a better performance in the movie than I thought. The cast as a whole is good for the most part with Jeff Bridges having some good moments even though people love to complain about how horrible CG Flynn, aka C.L.U. is. All in all, Tron Legacy is meant to be seen as the visual spectacle it is intended to be even though the story can be a little cliche as some moments are predictable, but it is still one entertaining movie. It is indeed visually stunning and Daft Punk's soundtrack really shines unlike no other.

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