Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today in the World of Shooters...

As shooter fans continue to go crazy with Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm (both great games) since they came out yesterday, the big boys in the future have to something to say about those two. Microsoft and Epic announced the final release date for Gears of War 3, which is September 20. Even though I don't have a 360, I'm still looking forward to the campaign wandering how the fate of Marcus Fenix will end up and this trilogy will conclude (or not?). Of course there is the multiplayer beta coming out in a month or two for owners of the Bulletstorm Epic Edition as I'm also curious what improvements are made and will the third time be a charm that Epic gets Gears MP done right? Meanwhile in the modern shooter front, a gameplay teaser rolled out for Battlefield 3 this morning. This Transformers 3-like trailer show gameplay glimpses (game trailers ripping off movie trailers? - How original...) as there should be previews rolling out for it during GDC week. If you want more intel on Battlefield 3 before then, get the new Game Informer mag since it is the cover story there.

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