Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music Roundup for 3/23/11 aka "The Black & Yellow Edition"

Today on the music roundup is called "The Black & Yellow Edition" for a reason which is Wiz Khalifa's first mainstream album Rolling Papers. We all know how big of a splash he made last fall repping those Pittsburgh Steelers colors being one of the most catchiest rap hit songs in recent years spawning endless remixes. Apparently we "know what it is" with Wiz being the next big rapper to get the mainstream spotlight, but it came at a price especially with the quality of this album. It is probably my expectations and also Wiz's fans pre-Black & Yellow for this to be more of the same before getting famous, but I knew once you got that megahit, your album needs to be more mainstream for that audience and that's what pretty much happened. Rolling Papers puts you in chill and poppy vibes at the get go with the first track "When I'm Gone." The only times Wiz had seriousness in the whole album is at the beginning with "On My Level" featuring Too Short and of course "Black & Yellow." After that, things go way poppy and chill especially with his current single "Roll Up." If you seen the video for "Roll Up," (below) its just weird seeing Wiz being out of character being a love rap song of sorts. I felt this album is just another victim of mainstream success being too much to the point it dampers the quality a bit. Then again, mixtapes have been the saving grace as of late with rappers such as Wiz (especially with Cabin Fever) being able to retain true to hip-hop and to themselves. Despite that little rant, if you wanted that chill and poppy vibe with your rap, Wiz's album is exactly that with decent production all around with tracks such as "The Race." I also gotta give the album some bonus points for the lack of cameo appearances by other artists, so props for Wiz for sticking it out alone for the majority of the album without needing guest appearances (well there's the album with him and Snoop Dogg coming soon though). In a nutshell, Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers is just another rap album that could of been better if it wasn't for his mainstream success being too big right away with the majority of it being too poppy for the hip-hop/rap audience. I expected more of "Black & Yellow" Wiz, not "Roll Up" Wiz.

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