Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Full "Fault Line" Trailer for Battlefield 3 is up

The last three trailers for Battlefield have been put together now as there's also some new footage involving these sequences. At the end of this clip, they show glimpses of what is yet to come for the game from nighttime levels, aircraft sequences, and the COD-like mountain jump. EA is not joking when they want to beat Call of Duty with this game, but stooping down to their level is somewhat taking away from what Battlefield was in the first place. Then again, if you have to beat your biggest competition, sometimes you just have to go bigger than they are and that's what EA and DICE are hoping for with Battlefield 3. However, as mentioned already, the COD influences are just getting old these days and honestly, I'm more excited for Gears of War 3 even though its a completely different game than this just by seeing the multiplayer beta that is now out there for some. We'll see what EA and DICE will show off at E3 in June.

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