Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Need for Speed Game Announcement Leaked...

Who knows how this got leaked out from EA's pockets, but here's the new Need for Speed game in teaser trailer form. Called The Run, it looks like they're going back to a story driven approach mixed with what worked with last year's awesome return of Hot Pursuit. I don't know if Criterion is back on board for this one as hopefully they're working on that rumored Burnout game, but I won't be surprised if they're doing another one right away especially how critically successful Hot Pursuit was. Then again, it could be Black Box's return to the franchise since the last game they did, which was the disappointing Undercover game. So yeah, another Need for Speed game as expected for a November release, but with momentum on their side from last year's game, the franchise's reputation seems fine for now again.

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