Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Other Stuff from Captivate...

Okay... other than the fighting games that got me HYPE (No MvC3 DLC stuff lol), there were other games Capcom showed off last week.

Dragon's Dogma is a new IP made by known action game developers from previous Capcom games. It still looks pretty early, but looks like they want to tap into the western RPG market. I'm not sure what to think of it now, so hopefully we get more info at E3.

Oh hey, another Dead Rising game... Capcom is really banking on this franchise these days now (is this the new Mega Man for them?), but who knows if this new game is too soon off last year's Dead Rising 2 & the prologue/epilogue downloadable games. Anyway, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is basically if Frank West was the protagonist and not Chuck Greene in Fortune City. With Frank on the field, means a different game according to Capcom, but not by much to me. Its still Dead Rising at its core and some improvements are being made from what Blue Castle learned from the flaws of the original DR2. Off The Record is out this fall and we'll see if the world is not sick of Dead Rising yet (then again the long wait between 1 and 2 is something, but 2 games in the same setting = oh boy).

Then there's new Asura's Wrath stuff, which isn't much I guess, but a new trailer is good enough. It still looks cool and the protagonist is a crazy dude trying to defend a big finger from smashing the earth.

There's also Resident Evil stuff with Operation Raccoon City and the 3DS games too, but I'm letting the new games shine here. This year's Captivate seems to be a good event as Capcom fans have a lot to look forward to.

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