Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today in the World of Games for 4/6/11

Lots of things happening today in the world of games...

Yes, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is confirmed as DLC via a trailer that was leaked earlier today. Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, and Oni (now out for proper AE) are coming to consoles, but no date set yet even though it will be revealed next week once the embargo is up from the Captivate stuff (the Capcom press event that is going on now at Miami). Other than the big AE update with the characters and the balance changes, the main game is getting an overhaul display-wise as titles now appear on screen just like the proper Arcade Edition. Plus, the replay channel is getting some cool additions such as skill-specific channels and a YouTube-like approach of following guys that put up new replay videos. Once again, all of this puts Marvel 3's online options to shame. The trailer is out somewhere to download, so search the interwebs for that. Honestly, I have getting in the mood to play AE again, so this announcement is coming at a good time. Also, Capcom lately can not keep their secrets out especially with Arcade Edition with the whole Evil Ryu/Oni fiasco a couple months back and now, its just pointless to take down what was pretty inevitable in the first place.

Sega is once again at it with another Sonic game to celebrate its 20th Anniversary and this time they better not screw it up, but chances are they'll likely do it. This teaser shows not just one Sonic, but two of them as one is the modern incarnation with the green eyes while the other is more old-school being a little more lighter. Other than that, it shows nothing as teasers should do, but expect something around E3 time what are Sega's plans with Sonic. Will Sonic 4: Episode 2 get announced for a fall release or another 3D attempt is in the books that hopefully gets it right once and for all?

Over at Mortal Kombat land, the game is confirmed to be gold earlier this week, so we might see the leaks pouring out next week at the mom/pop stores. Personally, I'm not going to fall for the early bird release like I did with Marvel 3 & SSF4 since I got a Tournament Edition pre-order already, so I don't mind waiting patiently. Above is a clip featuring Jax & Kano from the live action web series coming out later this month and below is a Shang Tsung vignette video for the game that is out on the 19th. Expect some MK coverage around then along with a review too.

Rockstar Games put up a third trailer for L.A. Noire, which continues to amaze and the game is out next month.

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