Monday, May 16, 2011

Atlus asks, "Are You Committed?"

There was a Japanese version of this trailer before Catherine's launch there as Atlus asked random people at the streets the dreaded question. Now the U.S. version of this is out and Atlus decided for fans to submit their answers to them to be in this video. All I have to say is wow at some of the people they picked as you'll see some hilarious answers while others answered it normally and "honestly." You'll also catch a glimpse of the English voice acting for Catherine, which sounds fine for now even though I will miss some of Vincent's awesome reactions in Japanese though. Catherine is still slated to come out on July 26 for the PS3 and 360.

UPDATE - Above is Giant Bomb's Quick Look EX of the English version with a guy from Atlus. Now you can understand what in the world is going on in the game if you don't understand Japanese. The Atlus rep did address a thing about a patch that the Japanese version had about the difficulty issues as the U.S. versions will get from the get go (already designed in rather than having to download an update).

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