Monday, June 27, 2011

Is The World Ready For a Black Eyed Peas Game???

After successful sales of The Michael Jackson Experience on all consoles, Ubisoft has another franchise they can take advantage of money-wise making more artist-specific dance games even though it uses the Just Dance formula (then again these are pretty much spin-offs). Going from a legend such as Michael to one of today's most successful groups such as the Black Eyed Peas seems like a complete 180. Who knows if Will.I.Am, Fergie, Taboo, and deserve their own game as you can be the judge of that, but now they do with The Black Eyed Peas Experience. This is pretty much the MJ game or even Just Dance with only BEP songs. At first I thought, do they enough songs to satisfy their own game? The answer to that seems yes considering if you got at least 20 given songs in the game that covers from Elephunk onwards to The Beginning. I would be surprised if this includes pre-Fergie stuff specifically "Joints & Jam" as the guys pretty much breakdanced throughout that video. Another thing to keep in mind is since it is a dance game, BEP is more known for their party songs rather than having signature dance moves, so it is not like you're going to be excited doing some known choreography compared to the MJ game where moonwalking and crotch grabs are a plenty.

Of course, it is easy to hate The Black Eyed Peas Experience right away from this initial announcement (I was at first), but with the rhythm genre at its current dancing phase, you might as well take advantage of the craze as long as you can and that is what Ubisoft hopes to achieve with this game and Just Dance 3 this year. The lack of a PS3 version is kind of shocking as this is only coming out for 360 because of Kinect support and the Wii. The reason for that might be that the PS3 version of The Michael Jackson Experience didn't perform that well sales-wise and Ubisoft decided to stick with platforms that would give them better numbers. Hopefully people that buy this game will have the time of their lives (no pun intended).

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