Thursday, June 16, 2011

Music Roundup for 6/16/11 of Let's Get Clubby!!!!

This music roundup features two albums that make you wanna party and how convenient they're by two mainstream "masters" of this craft. Love them or hate them, they know what it takes to make catchy singles that make you go nuts in nightclubs if you're into that. You can't go a hour without listening to either of them on the radio as their songs keep getting plays like no other. Both of these albums, which are out next week, I will talk about are very similar yet so different at the same time.

We start off with LMFAO's latest, Sorry for Party Rocking. After exploding the scene with Party Rock that we're in Miami trick, signing "La La La," and taking shots shots shots, the boys are back continuing what they left off last time with more songs that make you wanna party. It is actually nice of them starting off with "Rock the Beat II" as a sequel to their first song last time setting things off right. The title track could of been better though, but once "Party Rock Anthem" kicks in, that's when the album pops off and of course people get their shufflin' on. After that, it is more what you expect along with their crazy personalities such as "Sexy and I Know It" & "Champagne Showers" (their latest single). Surely there are the slower stuff too and at least one of them eventually will be a single, which would likely be "Best Night" featuring Will.I.Am. One of the better songs in the album personally is "Take to the Hole" featuring Busta Rhymes as it is the most rap you'll get here. It definitely has that fresstyle mentality, which kind of surprised me a bit as it would be cool to hear some remixes of it with different people. Besides that, you know what you're going to get with a LMFAO album even though there are obviosly hits and misses. I expect to hear lots to tracks from this one at the clubs for the coming months. Sorry for Party Rocking is a decent sophomoric effort in a nutshell with arguably one of the most played singles of this year with "Party Rock Anthem."

The other party album out next week is Pitbull's Planet Pit. Mr. 305 has been on a tear for the past year from "DJ Got Us Fallin in Love" with Usher, "I Like It" with Enrique Iglesias, "On the Floor" with Jennifer Lopez, and his own stuff. Especially with "Hey Baby (Drop It on the Floor)" featuring T-Pain and current smash hit "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo, there seems to be nobody stopping him at this rate. Compared to the LMFAO album, you get a different style of sound and arguably better production, specifically hit mastermind RedOne for "Rain over Me" with Marc Anthony, which at this point should be a single too. Pitbull still can't really handle a track solely on his own as he relies on cameos mostly for the hooks even though it still works. Besides Ne-Yo, T-Pain, & Marc, the cameo lineup is a who's who of pop music today from Enrique, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Akon, and more. There is actually two tracks that just him and it definitely shows Mr. Worldwide needs others to do most of the dirty work, which is okay for the most part. One of them, "Pause" is not that bad being one of my personal favorites, but "Something for the DJs" is pretty bad. Especially in his not so crazy voice, hearing him sing "If you're sexy and you know it, clap your hands" makes me wonder why is that even a song on the album. His attempt of slower-paced songs also end up flat out as he should stick to what he's good at, but then again I give him some credit for trying though. Planet Pit has its own share of hits and misses as it is front loaded with the singles, but the rest struggles to match the first half's quality. Then again, leave it to Pitbull to put out the most catchiest songs you'll hear at the clubs like he has been for the past several years. After all, you're supposed to grab somebody sexy and tell 'em hey.

Even though both of these albums feel very one-dimensional as they are definitely meant for the parties, they have their obvious faults. There are surely the hit songs, but half of them are filled with these. These type of albums aren't meant to listen from beginning to end anyway as you'll pick your favorites and leave it at that.

Next time on the music roundup is likely going to feature Beyonce and Lil' Wayne (whenever I get the Weezy album).

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