Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today in the World of Games for 6/1/11

We start today off with a new trailer for Saints' Row: The Third, which comes out on a crowded November. This CG clip is continuing another cliche from movie trailers of having Kanye West's "Power" as the song, but it fits for a game like this. Don't get me wrong, I still love "Power," but don't you think it is getting overplayed in trailers for products? Anyway, it doesn't show what to expect gameplay-wise, but if you played the first two games, you pretty much have a good understanding of what to do. I have always appreciated this franchise for continuing the fun and crazy aspects of the Grand Theft Auto formula as Rockstar continues to take their iconic franchise on a more serious direction. Plus, I gottta admit, tornado DDT-ing someone to a table is pretty sick. Expect more Saints' Row: The Third during E3 next week.

Even though The Ocarina of Time 3D is out next month, Nintendo is not done with the Zelda franchise this year. Other than Skyward Sword making another appearance at E3 next week (who knows when it comes out now), Current Zelda mastermind Eiji Aonuma has said another Zelda game will be announced at E3 to celebrate the original's 25th anniversary. Nintendo is facing a dilemma with this franchise as of late if they want to make do a repeat of Twlight Princess by releasing two versions of Skyward Sword (Wii/Cafe, whatever their next console is called), or even tease another new Zelda game only for Cafe. The problem with that is they still have Skyward Sword coming out, so that's not likely gonna happen. To celebrate their 25th Anniversary however, they have to do something better than that Mario anniversary package last year with Super Mario All-Stars. Then again, that is what they're likely gonna do repackaging some old Zelda game. They could re-release the Gamecube Legend of Zelda Collection on a Wii disc (Zelda 1, 2, OOT, & Majora's Mask), but all those games are out on Virtual Console. The crazy scenario Nintendo could think of is announcing an old-school 2D Zelda game in the vein of New Super Mario Bros., which would be cool, but there's still Skyward Sword (Well NSMB Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 did come out months apart, so that could be the case for Zelda too if they're willing to delay SS again to next year). Despite all of those possibilities, who knows what Nintendo is gonna do with the Zelda franchise, but we'll see next week I guess.

I should be getting this issue of Game Informer soon featuring Darksiders 2. I didn't really pay attention to the first game despite being a good mature-rated Zelda game. This is another game that will get some coverage at E3 next week.

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