Thursday, July 21, 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken at Comic-Con...

Yeah yeah, people are still hyped for yesterday's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 announcement, but there is still Street Fighter X Tekken coming and obviously there are new characters to reveal since Comic-Con is going now. Dhalsim, which was teased a week or two ago, is confirmed in as I'm still skeptical how much a problem he will be against Tekken characters because of his long limbs. Will Tekken characters be able to find a way to find Dhalsim convincingly? Let's hope so with that, but at least it is still interesting to see how matchups will fare since its not like Street Fighter IV. The other Street Fighter character revealed is actually from Final Fight as Poison finally gets to be playable in a fighting game. I gotta hand it to Ono and his crew for including Poison in as I'm sure fans are pretty happy with that. From the Tekken side, Steve and Yoshimtsu are now in the game, which are more obvious inclusions. Steve's in your face style from the Tekken games fits nicely in SF x TK as I'm pretty sure he'll be one of the best characters assuming Capcom knows how good he is in recent Tekken games. Yoshimtsu has his Tekken 3 design as his primary costume, which is fine by me as its not one of the bizarre costumes he has. This is one character I'm really curious about in this game in terms of how they are going to translate his playstyle. He can be pretty sheninegans-based as moves like the sword pole and even his suicide are in. At this rate, you might as well play as an odd ball team such as Dhalsim and Yoshi. I'm not exactly sure if the new build is at Comic-Con now since the Capcom Unity stream yesterday was still showing the E3 build because they were saving the reveals till today. Anyway, expect more new Street Fighter X Tekken stuff probably around the Tokyo Game Show in September or maybe even next month at Gamescom.

UPDATE - The new cinematic trailer is nuts! This also confirms Hugo, Cody, and Guy in the game. We might as well call it Final Fight/Street Fighter X Tekken at this rate.

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