Tuesday, August 23, 2011

VF5 Final Showdown Finally Getting a US Release...

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown has been out at Japanese arcades for at least two or three years already and it seemed like Sega never wanted to bring the latest version of their fighting game to the US until today's announcement. It is now coming to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network next summer, which is ways off for a downloadable title. This is the first time a Virtua Fighter game has gone downloadable since Sega probably knew its not smart of them to release this on a retail price, so at least we are getting a 15 dollar VF game. Yeah, this franchise does have its audience, but it is not as mainstream as the Street Fighter series is today. It is still one of the most technical and deep fighting games around as I'm been playing them casually since the PS2 version of VF4 (I owned VF4, VF4 Evo, and VF5 360 at some point). It is also about time Sega does something with this franchise over here at the States to capitalize on the recent fighting game boom.

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