Monday, October 3, 2011

Rooollllliiiinnnngggg Stttaaarrrrtttt!!!!!

In weird fashion, Sega teases a new downloadable game announcement above, but the tease is too obvious (and by the title above). Anyway, it is about time Daytona USA is coming to consoles via download and I'll leave it at that.

UPDATE - The possible release date for this is October 25 according to the Playstation Blog as there is a discount on this if you have Playstation Plus.

Assuming it is Daytona USA, will it be just another rushed port of a classic or Sega actually caring about it adding in extra features? Who knows if it will have any multiplayer at all (at least locally) especially online. Online play could be limited to two to eight players, eight being the maximum for an arcade setup, or they could go the extra mile with 16 or 32 players even though that is a dream (imagine that though!).

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