Thursday, January 12, 2012

Capcom goes ANIME with the Asura's Wrath Demo...

Capcom's first game for 2012 is Asura's Wrath, which is out next month, as a demo of the game came out on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network earlier this week. If I had to describe this game in one word, it would be ANIME. Asura's Wrath is way too anime as it makes me laugh every time I play through the demo when the crazy stuff happens, but unfortunately the game doesn't make a good impression. There are two levels in the demo and they are pretty much boss battles. Episode 5 has the most "variety" than Chapter 11 and yes I quoted vartiety because there is not really of ton it in Asura's Wrath. It is an action game with an overuse of quicktime events as if it is the whole game. There is a shooting section in the boss battle against the giant like Zone of the Enders where Asura has a lock-on mechanic straight up from that game, but the basic goal of Asura's Wrath (especially in this demo) though is bulk up for burst meter and then make insane crap happen. It sucks that there is no basic combat sections against normal enemies in this demo as Capcom and developer CyberConnect2 handled this demo poorly even though they're like "Hey, let's have these levels in the demo because of they're f-in nuts without spoiling the story." Even in 2012, demos can be mishandled in this console generation. The one-on-one fight against Augus in Chapter 11 is straight up anime with cheesy dialogue like watching a Dragon Ball Z fight without the crazy fireball sequences, but the action is so over the top, it becomes too ridiculous. Even though Asura's Wrath will likely be a disappointing game from Capcom, give the demo a shot if you like ANIME in your action games.

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