Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leon & Chris Are Ready to Do Work Again in Resident Evil 6

After months of rumors and speculation, Resident Evil 6 is officially announced for a November 12 release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (PC version will be out later). This ain't just another Resident Evil game though as two mainstays of the franchise are playable and have a big role in the story. Leon and Chris are doing work again to save the world from bioterrorism, but in different locales this time around. Leon's arc is dealing with the president, who is apparently got caught in the virus forcing Leon to make as Capcom says in the PR the biggest decision of his life. Chris's arc is in China to clear out the latest threat there and yes, there are zombies everywhere again. A third playable character is introduced along with who likely seems to be Ashley (The playable guy is probably Alex Wesker?). What I mean as this ain't just another RE game, its a pretty big game with elements from 4 and 5, but Capcom says they're trying to have a middle ground between those games gameplay-wise. I actually skipped RE5 because it was too much like 4 with little improvements to the formula. Maybe they learned their lesson this time around incorporating elements seen in other first & third-person shooters like cover and sprinting, but it is still 4 and 5 at its core. This is a lengthy trailer to digest as well and I'm already hype for the game, but we'll see if Capcom can bring it back again after 5 being a disappoint for many people.

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