Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's do the Warrior Pose!!! (I caved in for Wii Fit)

So I bought Wii Fit today at my nearest GameStop (didn't pre-order it) and let's just say I fell into the mainstream hype. Yeah, this thing is selling bonkers right now at the United States and we have to wait till probably next week for Nintendo to give out sales numbers, which is likely in the millions if they shipped out a lot of them even though there were rumored shortages. With all that coverage in talk shows, advertising in buses, and the above average reviews from some sites, Wii Fit is not that bad.

Keep in mind I only played it for a hour, so I had to try at least one of each activity. So far, I'm digging the strength exercises and yoga for now rather than the mini-games. It does suck I have to play more and more of these activities to unlock the other stuff as in Wii Play, but it seems better this time with the Balance Board. At first, I was skeptical that this thing would work, but it surprisingly does and it is pretty accurate with the balance obviously (I don't know about BMI and weight yet). Sure, you can BS the exercises to a certain point and they do a good job of keeping stats for everything u have done so far. Of course, I don't want to reveal my stats such as BMI and other things, but it does want to motivate u to keep doing this on a consistent basis. I'm not a fan of the mini-games yet since I suck with them and the aerobics, but it does put the Balance Board to good use other than the yoga.

Personally, when I bought Wii Fit, it felt like an impulse buy because of all the mainstream hype and the fact being a first-party game on the Wii. I'm not sure if trading three 360 games (Orange Box, Mass Effect, and DMC4) seemed worth it for this one, but I do see the potential in the Balance Board being a special peripheral while alpha-moms go crazy buying this today and the rest of the week. A review might happen for this one next month since I have to beat GTA4 first (Assault Heroes 2 review is still pending too), if I do write one, expect it before Ninja Gaiden 2's release.

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