Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh I love Europe!! (This Week's Rock Band DLC Impressions)

Keep in mind I only bought six of the nine songs that are out this week for Rock Band, which are European exclusive tracks slated for the Euro version of the game, but available as DLC here at the States. Here's the rundown of my top 5 picks.... (Only Guitar mostly)

My #1 pick this week is obviously "Hysteria" by Muse because this song is just awesome and the Rock Band charts did live up to its greatness. All instruments provide great fun while playing this song, but good luck on bass, because it is hard (hence the video below) but very fun. I won't mind doing this on vocals since Muse has become one of my favorite bands now. We'll see about that....

My #2 pick is "Rock 'n' Roll Star" by Oasis (chart above) because well it is Oasis for crying out loud. Another great song for RB on guitar especially the final solo that I didn't expect.

My #3 pick this week is quite surprising, which is "New Wave" by Pleymo (chart below). I bought this because this is quite unique to have on Rock Band and Pleymo is like the French version of Limp Bizkit. For vocals, good luck on this one trying to rap this one out.

Juli's "Perfekte Welle" is my #4 pick this week because a female is signing it and I won't mind another one of these songs. Guitar is pretty easy for this one, so buy it for the vocals. It is kind of a chill song to play anyway.

#5 this week is Blur's "Beetlebum" which is a cover, a rarity these days on Rock Band, but it is a Blur song so I bought it. This is also the easiest song on guitar this week as well. Getting Blur on Rock Band reminds me for Harmonix to get their obvious hit "Song 2" soon (music video below to remind u and I don't care if it is only two minutes long). 

Since this post is getting way long with all those YouTube videos, I'll leave out the last song I bought, "Countdown to Insanity" by H-Block X, to be searched elsewhere. That's my top 5 picks for DLC this week for Rock Band and buy Muse's "Hysteria" as soon as possible.

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