Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 Hours is All I Need... Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Impressions so far

So I bought Guitar Hero: Aerosmith today and Expert is already done in 3 hours (hence the title). I only 3 starred 1 song while 5 starring the majority of the songs (there are 31 in the Career excluding the bonus songs). Even on Expert, it is perhaps the easiest GH game difficulty wise (Even "Train Kept A Rollin" was not a problem I thought it would be). Of course playing a GH or RB game for 3 hours straight does kick in the fatigue with my hands, but I might as well finish it fast and I did. Some songs seem fun and longer than I thought like the Aerosmith lineup. Even the non-Aerosmith songs seem okay (STP, Ted Nugent, etc). At least the achievements are easier (career achievements stack) this time around as if Neversoft learned their lesson about those crazy GH3 achievements. A little lame is buying everything from the shop requiring a playthrough of all difficulties getting every character, song, guitar, etc.). Keep in mind I haven't messed around with anything else other than career mode (Online and co-op mostly) so expect a review of this later this week here.

Off-topic - I guess no Summer Weekend List today.

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