Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Gears 2 MP Footage

This is new footage of the multiplayer in Gears 2 that is in the 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 (I should buy that game...). The Epic go more in detail about the new modes (Meatflag, Wingman (2 on 2 I think), and Guardian), new maps, weapons, and executions in this sequel. As mentioned earlier in the post regarding the 1up interview, I'm excited for the new changes for Gears 2 MP fixing what plagued Gears 1's MP so I can't wait till November. Hopefully I can get better with the long-range weapons like the Longshot, Torque Bow, and Hammer of Dawn because I didn't use them that much when I played Gears 1 MP. Then again, using grenades as wall mines is going to be pretty nuts as well as the portable cover. I'm ready to go for another all-day stretch of the campaign like I did with Gears 1 (Normal) to get it over with quickly, then play MP on November.

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