Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another game becomes a reality... (Diablo III Official!!)

I woke up and the inevitable was anounnced after weeks of speculation of teased images on Blizzard's website. So Diablo III is finally announced at their Paris event and the PC folks are getting crazy. As if WOW (World of Warcraft) and Starcraft II are enough, Diablo III completes the trifecta of Blizzard games and it is about damn time (like that SC2 dude said). Of course, not being a PC player myself, I never got into the Diablo games, but I respected its greatness as another of the great PC franchises Blizzard has put out. With Starcraft II supposedly coming this December or early next year, expect Diablo III to have a late 2009 or even a 2010 release.

The game industry has gone bonkers with Mega Man 9, a Castlevania fighting game, and this announced in the past week which is pretty crazy.

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