Friday, June 27, 2008

Jabbawockeez are Everywhere!!!

Jabbawockeez have been everywhere ever since their Season 1 win on ABDC. They have been performing shows left and right ranging from some Asian award show, a Laker game, and even Regis & Kelly. Here's their recent shows that I can remember.

They appear in the end of Ne-Yo's "Closer" performance during the BET Awards. Yes, this song is sick, but even though the Jabba cameo is short, short and sweet is good enough. Jabba also performed at 105.9 FM's Powerhouse 2008 recently too.

Here's the new Danny Yankee video for "Pose" which features the masked men doing their thing. This song is not that bad I guess.

Seriously, I need to buy a Jabba mask and shirt soon.

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