Friday, June 27, 2008

ABDC Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Last night's episode of America's Best Dance Crew was pretty good. All crews did equally well as in the music video challenge and it was a narrow margin how my top 8 was picked. The right team did get eliminated, but let's recap the episode in the order of the crews' performances (Photos from

SuperCrew (My #1 pick) started it off and did Chris Brown's "Run It." I was a little worried that they won't do as well in this challenge, but they still put out a great performance and of course they had to include their b-boy stuff in the routine. Even though last week's was better for them, this one is not that bad.

Fanny Pak was next and delivered another great performance with Gwen Stefani's "Wind It Up." It is nice that their style is still implemented in this song while having fun trying to do the crazy moves (The flare and the knee thing in the video). They're still top 5 for me.

Supreme Soul are back in the hunt after their disappointing performance last week. They did Omarion's "Touch" and nailed it pretty well. It was one of the standout performances this week even though I mentioned earlier everyone did equally well.

Phresh Select was next and they did Chris Brown's "Gimme That." This performance wasn't that bad as the boys executed the video routine better than I thought. At least they are one of the consistent crews so far.

A.S.I.I.D. did Ciara's "Like A Boy" and nailed that routine too. Even though the ladies kind of stripped in the end (I don't know why), the moves in the video were executed well (The Ciara float and the crotch grab as examples). They are still a top contender for me.

So Real Crew's performance of Usher's "Love in This Club" was good and also sloppy a bit. It was very noticeable during their performance that they messed up considering they deliver clean performances most of the time. The dance number was great, but the execution was a little off like the judges said.

Xtreme Dance Force were saved by America's votes this week (Why????) as they did Mario's "Let Me Love You." This performance was okay and at least better than last week, but I expect them to be bottom 2 next week and hopefully eliminated as well (I hate these guys...).

Boogie Bots were in the bottom 2 this week (America saved XDF = I still don't know why) as they did B2K's "Bump Bump Bump." They were definitely better than last week and as the judges said, they had fun doing it including the lady parts from the video. Hopefully they're not bottom 2 next week, but I have a feeling they will be thanks to the voting.

Sass x7 are eliminated this week and good thing because their performance of Britney's "I'm A Slave for U" was bad, but better than last week at least. They did the video parts slower than the video itself as the judges noticed. At least they got the outfits right, but it wasn't enough and they were glad they made it this far.

Well, that was the episode for this week and let's do my rankings of the crews.

  1. SuperCrew
  2. Supreme Soul
  3. So Real Crew
  4. A.S.I.I.D.
  5. Fanny Pak
  6. Boogie Bots
  7. Phresh Select
  8. Xtreme Dance Force

I forgot what next week's challenge is (Something related to dance hits through the years), but hopefully XDF is gone next week (At least Sass x7 is out now).

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