Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mega Man 9 now a reality....

Mega Man 9 is official and surprisingly only confirmed for WiiWare for now (No PSN or XBLA versions??). If this stays WiiWare, this could be the service's biggest game in terms of hype and excitement (Nintendo finally doing something right??). Capcom has been the ambassador in terms of Japanese publishers for downloadable games and their first WiiWare game could be really big. Honestly, I'm not that a fan of the Mega Man games, but respect its legacy (not its downfall in recent years). This could be the official rebirth of the franchise that is good compared to how other developers ruin old school franchises (I'm looking at you Sega for Sonic even though Sonic Unleashed is okay so far). Thanks to fansite, Mega Man Network, (not the GBA series of games), they were able to reveal some scans of the game. Yes, this one is staying 8-bit and hopefully it will be awesome (For more, check the link above).

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