Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CAPTIVATE 08 Trailers...

The embargo is finally lifted for people to show what happened at Capcom's press event last week. The expected suspects were there, but nothing really surprising... wait till E3.

You know this trailer, but I'm putting it up now because it is too good. I'm already a fan of Sheva, the new chick in RE5 / partner (Capcom says wait till E3 for more on that). It is already a GOTY 2009 contender assuming it is coming out in Winter 09 instead of a late Holiday 08 release.

Resident Evil 5 wasn't the only big gun there and Street Fighter 4 continues to impress. Some are worried about how little content there is (only 17 characters confirmed I think at this moment with console exclusive characters planned, not a lot of stages), but I expect the gameplay to shine as it is the backbone of fighting games (If the gameplay sucks, why bother). The other Street Fighter game was there as well (SSF2T HD Remix) with Dee Jay and Akuma playable along with more stages. Message boards peeps are starting to get impatient for this game's release as it should be done already and out before SF4, but I'll give them all the time they have to make this game as good as they can (The art is fine with me compared to others - Okay that Akuma face looks a little goofy). Some have suggested HD Remix to be bundled with SF4 along with the downloadable release and I won't mind that along with others saying SF4 will be bundled with a new arcade stick.

Dark Void is also there and hopefully it will be another original IP success for Capcom this generation (they're on a roll with Dead Rising and Lost Planet). The vertical cover idea seems cool and the fact the Crimson Skies folks are making this leaves high hopes for both fans and the press.

That's the big 3 games Capcom showed there. There's Bionic Commando (revealing a multiplayer mode) and Rearmed, 1942: Joint Strike, and Commando 3 along with a Wii game called Spyborgs, but they're not in my mind now compared to the big three. Well the downloadable games are announced to be out in the coming summer months (predicting Commando 3 this month, Bionic Commando Rearmed next month, and 1942: Joint Strike in August) and I can't wait to play those to continue supporting Capcom's greatness.

Looking at my Top 10 Most Wanted list, three are in the top 5 and it is safe to say that Capcom is doing more things right than wrong (Sure DMC4 received a mixed reception among its fanbase, but is still pretty good). I don't expect RE5 and SF4 to be disappointments in the future.

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