Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ooh Wah Wah!!! (Disturbed Rock Band DLC Impressions)

Well I bought half of this week's Rock Band DLC (The Disturbed Pack) - didn't care for the Jimmy Buffett songs. No Ooh Wah Wah!!! in these songs (This game seriously needs "Down With the Sickness" so I could do my best impression of it).

First up is "Indestructible" and it is a typical Disturbed song to play if u played "Stricken" in Guitar Hero III (Actually all these songs have a similar style of note patterns, so yeah). I think this is their first single from their new album that is out today and it definitely sounds like one hearing and playing it for the first time in its entirety. (Thanks to YouTube user Npaeen for being the trooper on YouTube to show these songs before people can buy them when they wake up every Tuesday - If there's FC runs, I'll put them up instead later like before).

Next up is "Inside the Fire" which personally is the easiest of the three (still watch out for the solo and Overdrive ready just in case). Actually I like this song better than "Indestructible" for Rock Band since those verse patterns are surprisingly fun to play.

Last up is "Perfect Insanity" which has one of the nastiest solos I seen in Rock Band and it comes quickly, so have Overdrive ready just in case because that can quickly lead to failure if u can't handle it.

The Disturbed Pack for Rock Band is great for fans of the group and those who want a new challenge to FC some hard songs. Drums look like fun as well according to various message boards (notice I put up Guitar Videos than Drums because I suck with drums). Vocals on the other hand, good luck trying to be like that Disturbed singer.

To remind why Rock Band needs "Down With the Sickness," here's their music video.

Ooh Wah Wah!!!!

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