Friday, June 13, 2008

Coldplay GH3 DLC, The Offspring finally in Rock Band.

The Coldplay pack for Guitar Hero III is out next week (Thursday) and here are the three choices they picked, which are pretty good.

"Yellow" is an obvious choice and should be fun.

"God Put A Smile On Your Face" is my sleeper pick of the three and it is one of the non-popular singles Coldplay has put out. It is still one of their better songs too, but Activision and Neversoft could of picked another obvious hit single to put in the game even though I'm happy they picked this song.

Last of the three is their current single, "Violet Hill." At least it is the newest of the three songs on the pack for those who just entered the Coldplay bandwagon. They could of easily picked "Viva La Vida" if Activision and Neversoft wanted to, but I guess they wanted to have that VH solo I guess.

I am buying this in a heartbeat next week, but as I said previously, it is better to be on Rock Band now than GHIII. I'm okay if it is in GH World Tour, but who wants to play guitar on a Coldplay song if the notecharts stink. People would rather sing to do their best Chris Martin impression and also play drums.

Tuesday's Rock Band DLC is decent I guess (The Pixies' Doolittle album is out on the 24th for 1520 MS Points).

Avenged Sevenfold - "Afterlife" and "Critical Acclaim"
The Offspring - "Hammerhead"
Crooked X - "Rock N Roll Dream" (80 MS Pts)

Yay on finally getting The Offspring on Rock Band, now we need some old school stuff in RB like this.

This one too....

This one should be pretty fun to sing.....

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