Thursday, June 12, 2008

MGS4 is out - Anyone have it??

The PS3's saving grace has finally arrived with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and yes it is amazing. This is perhaps the only time I wished I had a PS3 now to witness Kojima's greatness and an end of an era with Snake. My thing with the MGS games like most people that never played the series is that I like to watch it, but not play it. With the refined controls that I experienced at E for All last year, I would give it a chance and perhaps it is the hardcore "Game of the Forever" as NeoGAF peeps would say (they thought SSBB would be it, guess not - same thing for GTA IV). I don't care if I skipped the first three if I want to play through 4, I think it is the closest thing to a summer movie and yet this game's storyline is likely better than most of this year's summer blockbusters anyway. I read and watched some reviews this morning and it seems it is definitely flawed, but still a must-play for any gamer out there. It does solve everything that the series had set up in the previous games into one giant cluster.

With the 360 having another great Fall this year, who knows if I would still buy a PS3 for this game and Tekken 6 (my only two reasons). 

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