Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Good Tekken 6 Match Gets Me in the Mood..

I haven't played Tekken 6 in a month and I have been craving to play it now since the summer is ahead for me. All that GTA IV and Ninja Gaiden II is pretty much over for now, so it is a good time to go back to the arcade. Then again, I feel like going on a rental spree with The Bourne Conspiracy, DBZ Burst Limit, and GRID. At least I'm going to buy one of the XBLA games this week, which is Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3. I'm skipping Frogger 2, since I wasn't feeling old school Frogger when it was out in 2006 on XBLA and plus paying 10 bucks for a Frogger game is maybe a bit too much. Commando 3 on the other hand is another Capcom game I'm willing to support (At least I think it will be better than Rocketmen). Perhaps the main reason for buying this is playing the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix online beta which will be up at the end of the month. I also need to play demos of Civilization Revolution and Battlefield Bad Company since NG2 got in the way of that.

Expect two reviews in the weekend (NG2 and Commando 3) and hopefully another trip to Super Arcade playing Tekken 6 (Hopefully I can win some games for once).

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