Monday, June 16, 2008

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (Xbox Originals) Hands-On

Finally a Xbox Originals game I can support on the 360, which is perhaps the best 2D fighter on the Xbox, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload. It is the usual 1200 Microsoft Points price (15 bucks) which is like five bucks less than the original price it came out on Xbox, which was 20 bucks, and I'm pretty sure it is pretty cheap used at a GameStop. Having the game on a hard drive is more of a relief to me rather than trying to find the disc, which seems to be the case with these Xbox Originals. Anyway, the Guilty Gear games were pretty hardcore as 2D fighters (almost to SNK levels in terms of difficulty) and the pretty good looking with its anime-like style (King of Fighters XII is getting to that level). As an Xbox Original, it doesn't have widescreen, but it still looks pretty good with minimal problems with the graphics. The Hori EX2 Arcade Stick works with this game on 360, which is a relief considering the controller's crappy d-pad. Other than that, it is the same old Xbox game that came out in 2004 with lots of single player modes and great online play (lag will make a difference however pending on connection). I'm surprised I'm still on the leaderboards when I checked them on the 360 when I played it back in the Xbox days with my 100 wins. I just hope more 2D fighters can come to Xbox Originals soon (please fix Marvel vs. Capcom 2!!!!) like the SNK ones and maybe Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO (not in the backwards list). 

Speaking of 2D fighters, Samurai Showdown 1 is out on the Wii's Virtual Console. I'm pondering if I should buy that or wait for this exact game on Xbox Live Arcade and Samurai Showdown 2 with online play.

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