Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Weekend List #1 - Rock Band / GH World Tour Wishlist

It is the Summer now and I'm starting a new feature called the Summer Weekend List. Every weekend (If I can) till September, there will be a wishlist of certain things I want to see. I'll start with the obligatory wishlist of songs I want to see in Rock Band (or 2) and Guitar Hero: World Tour that fans of the games always do - either in game or DLC (I'm been doing this in various posts about GH and RB). Videos will be up of my personal favorites (This post will be pretty long!!)

The Offspring Pack (previously mentioned yesterday)
  • "Come Out and Play"
  • "Self-Esteem"
  • "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"
White Zombie / Rob Zombie Pack

Linkin Park Pack (Good luck trying to sing or scream like Chester)

The Coldplay Pack 2.0 (aka need a Keyboard / Piano Pack)

Rage Against the Machine Pack

Note: Yeah "Killing in the Name" was in GH2 as one of the worst covers ever - hopefully it gets a second chance on RB2.

Korn Pack

Green Day Pack

Disturbed Pack 2 (The "Ohh Wah Wah" Pack)

Muse Pack 2 (aka "My Favorite Band Now" Pack)

The obvious, Nirvana's Nevermind album (Why has this not happened in Rock Band yet?)

Foo Fighters Pack (aka "Everlong!!!" and "My Hero!!")

Beastie Boys Pack (aka make it vocals only pack)

Blink 182 Pack (cause "All The Small Things" wasn't enough)

The "Ladies Want to Sing" Pack

Evanescence - "Bring Me to Life"
Paramore - "Misery Business" (in honor of Hayley Fridays on the NeoGAF Rock Band thread)
Avril Lavigne - "Sk8er Boi" (A SingStar favorite)

No Doubt Pack 2 (aka do your best Gwen impression pack)

  • "Just A Girl"
  • "Don't Speak" (who cares if it is already in GH3, needs full band to make it better)
  • "Spiderwebs" (in GH On Tour, the DS one, but should be better as a full band)
Red Hot Chili Peppers Pack

Okay, this post is getting really long. Part 2 of this list next weekend.

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