Thursday, July 3, 2008

ABDC Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

I'm going to write this early as the episode just ended here at the West Coast. Let's just say it is another great show tonight with some awesome performances.

A.S.I.I.D. was first tonight and it was okay as u can tell this song wasn't really their element with "Roll" by Flo Rida feat. Sean Kingston. While Shane still praised them, Lil Mama did go off and I have to agree with her that it was sloppy. I wouldn't be surprised if they were bottom 2 next week. but I could be wrong.

So Real Crew delivered another solid performance (one of the best for the night) with R. Kelly's "Snake." Out of all the groups, they probably nailed their song challenge the best tonight implementing as many imaginative snake dances as they could in their routine. This week was definitely better in terms of the routine being clean and creative.

SuperCrew blew me away again this week with their crazy stunts and b-boy moves dancing to Jim Jones's "We Fly High (Ballin!!!)." Da Knock was literally in the sky falling some 30 feet and there were the sky flares along with the "Make It Rain" of money on the floor. They're still my #1 pick for now.

Boogie Bots were next and made me go nuts with the video game references like the Street Fighter Hadoukens and Shoryukens (They did Lil Flip's "Game Over"). Even the Tron outfits and the lights going off for the glow to happen was crazy along with the merging of a robot with fits their name. They definitely climbed up the leaderboards this week for me.

Fanny Pak did Britney's "Toy Soldier" and it was another solid performance with the props and creativity. Of course, it is not their best performance so far on the show, but their originality is still racking votes, which is cool by me.

Supreme Soul is almost reminding me of the Detroit Pistons during the NBA Playoffs this year of turning on or off the switch. They did Flo Rida's "Elevator" and it wasn't their best so far, but better than the first episode. I wouldn't be surprised if they go bottom 2 next week with A.S.I.I.D.

Phresh Select and XDF were the bottom 2 this week with Phresh going first doing T.I.'s "Big Things Poppin." It was a good performance, but not as clean the judges wanted it to be. They could likely be bottom 2 again next week with better crews delivering better performances.

Xtreme Dance Force are eliminated tonight and it is like a victory of those watching because the true competition begins. Their routine wasn't bad, but definitely not good enough to keep them around. Seriously, the dude with the spiky hair needs to stop smiling the whole time when dancing or waiting for results (Lil Mama is so right last week - "Fix the face!!!").

With XDF's elimination, the voting is getting tougher now with the good crews sticking around and the "trash" out. Here's my top 7 after this week's performances.
  1. SuperCrew
  2. So Real Crew
  3. Boogie Bots
  4. Fanny Pak
  5. Supreme Soul
  6. A.S.I.I.D.
  7. Phresh Select
Next week's challenge should be interesting with fast-paced songs headlining the episode.

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