Thursday, July 3, 2008

Considering UT3 on 360....

Unreal Tournament 3 for 360 comes out next week and I'm considering checking this one out (Maybe trading in GH Aerosmith to get it for a little cheaper). I always liked the Unreal series of FPS (loved Unreal Championship 2 on XBOX) because of its twitch gameplay and intensity of multiplayer matches if a session is full that other shooters can't match. Even though this game came out on PC and PS3 last fall, the 360 version does have some exclusive stuff, but missing crucial features like mods and keyboard support that are in the PS3 version. Who knows if even the 360 audience will buy this considering other shooters like Battlefield: Bad Company out, COD4 still the #1 title on Xbox Live, and Halo 3 getting a free map on Bungie Day (Cold Storage is out on Monday).

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