Sunday, July 13, 2008

Can't Smile Without You..... Hellboy II Thoughts (spoilers ahead)

I just came back from watching Hellboy II: The Golden Army and it is better than the first movie in nearly every way. It definitely had some cool moments and some cheesy ones too, but Del Toro pulled it off again delivering on the visual aspect of the world that the movie sets in and the different characters / creatures in it. Ron Pearlman is truly Hellboy and does a fantastic job as him with his personality and whatnot. The supporting cast on the other hand, however, not so much with Liz being the generic love interest again with some cheesy lines and Ape falling for a different love interest was also cheesy. The ghost dude reminded me of that a similar character from that Nintendo game, Geist. I am a fan of the villain, Prince Nuada, and good thing he does cool fighting stunts. The plot of the whole movie did seem predictable knowing what to expect next of the prince killing his father to gain more power and control of the Golden Army, his sister disagreeing with his motives and falling for Ape, and how the Nuadas died in the end. Other than the great action scenes involving Hellboy with Winx, the Plant God thing, and Prince Nuada, this movie is not that bad and better than most summer movies that came out this year. The title reference is from the song of the same name as it was played twice in the movie with Hellboy and Ape's love angles, which them drinking together was a fun scene. Good thing it is #1 on the Box Office this weekend barely beating Hancock (Hellboy II did 35 million). Unfortunately, it is all about Batman next weekend with The Dark Knight and I'm expected to be blown away from the get go.

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