Monday, July 14, 2008

Slice and Shoot... Too Human Demo Impressions

The long awaited demo for Too Human came out today on Xbox Live Marketplace to kick off their E3 festivies and it seems okay for what it is. The right stick combat / shooting can be a littlr clunky, but it does its job well when slicing and shooting enemies. I was a little skeptical about right stick attacks since some previous games used it well while some didn't. You will pull off random combos out of anywhere, but the satisfaction of leveling up and upgrading the skill tree is there. The loot and customization is huge as expected in a game like this, with skill points dividing to separate skills of increased damage or something else. I can see why Too Human is way repetitive as you slice, shoot, run, repeat for the duration of the game especially this demo. There are also times of like some seconds of gameplay then a cutscene almost going Metal Gear territory, but the story is supposed to be deep and the mythology as well even though this demo barely stratches the surface story-wise.
Graphically it seems fine with some instances of slowdown when things get hectic. The camera angles remind me of the God of War games especially in outdoor enivronements as it scopes out to see the world. The characters seem okay with Baldur having minimal talk in him, so it is clear he means business. The sound is also pretty good as expected for something like this with moody and epic battle music. After playing this demo, I'm still on the fence for the full game, but if you're curious whether or not Too Human is worth it, check out the demo and at least play it through once.

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