Monday, July 14, 2008

E3 2008 Trailers Day 1

E3 is off and running wild.

I'll start with a new WWE game called Legends of Wrestlemania. This clip showcases Hogan and Andre as u can use old-school wrestlers in old-school settings. I don't know why this game is happening even with Smackdown vs. RAW 2009, but it does seem like a spinoff of sorts.

Here's a new trailer for Mirror's Edge and it still looks awesome. Definitely keep an eye on this EA and DICE game.

I'm posting the FFXIII Trailer from earlier today again, but probably better quality from GameTrailers.

I'm excited for Uno Rush as more gameplay footage is shown. The fast and furious pace is a change from normal Uno even though online Ultimate Uno would be funny too.

This gameplay footage of Guitar Hero: World Tour was taken down on GameTrailers earlier. It definitely looks like Rock Band and I rather buy Rock Band 2.

The big announcement from the EA press conference is a partnership with id Software (Doom peeps) and they are publishing Rage, their new game based on their new graphics engine. It does feel like a teaser of sorts however.

More Mirror's Edge!!! Here's the gameplay demonstration from the EA Press Conference and the whole first-person experience is pretty amazing so far. Definitely a critical app if DICE pulls it off.

One of the most curious licensed games is the Ghostbusters game and it looks good for what it is. Definitely worth it for fans of the original movie and I think the original cast is fully back for this game.

This trailer for Saints Row 2 is kind of funny showcasing the customization the game offers. This is definitely the "gangsta" GTA and perhaps it will be the only one with GTA getting more real. I'm still on the fence on this one.

I'm digging the cel-shaded style for the new Prince of Persia as well as the co-op moves u can do with your lady partner. We'll see if the gameplay still stays true to the Sands of Time trilogy.

BioShock is finally coming to PS3 with additional exclusive content. It looks the same as the 360 version for me for now, but the new powers and enemies might be good enough for PS3 fans to witness one of the great games of 2007.

Infamous is one of the PS3 first-party exclusives I'm excited for because it reminds me of Crackdown, one of my favorite 360 games. It is pretty much Crackdown, but being a hero with special powers compared to some supercop. Definitely one of my reasons to buy a PS3.

Here's a teaser for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion where your Marvel superheroes can fuse together (DBZ style??) to be some superfreak. No gameplay is shown yet of how this works, but I'm curious about it now.

A slightly different trailer for UFC 2009 Undisputed is next and it still looks the same involving Forrest Griffin and Rampage Jackson. At least, they got the victor right.

Lastly, here's Resistance 2 and man some of those Chimera structures and creatures are huge. It definitely has that epic touch to it and truly one of Sony's big boys this fall.

More tomorrow.


Sasukedevil said...

The trailers for the first day are awesome...but 2mrw it will B CRAZY!

G Unit Ver1 said...

Except I'm working for most of the day tomorrow so don't expect an in-depth post of the Nintendo and Sony conferences. I'll just do E3 Trailers Day 2 and listen to podcasts all night long.