Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3 2008 Trailers Day 2

E3 continues running wild...

We'll start with the teaser for God of War III for PS3 and another reason I should buy this system (now the 80 GB PS3 will be 400 bucks soon which is affordable now!!). I loved the first two games and this conclusion will indeed deliver the goods.

The big surprise at the end of Sony's conference is the new Zipper game which is not SOCOM. Instead it is called MAG, Massive Action Game, a MMOS with up to 256 players at once playing together.

Wii Music was the conclusion of the Nintendo conference (currently watching on G4 by my Tivo) and I fell for Wii Fit and I'm not falling for this one - rather play Rock Band 2. The casuals will eat it up like crazy like they did with Wii Fit. Here's the demo with Miyamoto below (Prepare for emabrassment).

The big Ubisoft game at E3 is arguably I Am Alive which sort of has Assassin Creed-like buzz (blame Jade Raymond). The video itself is cool as it shows Chicago jacked up after an earthquake as the protagonist, Adam, tries to survive what's left of it. Supposedly, it is a first person game like Mirror's Edge, so hopefully it won't be as disappointing as Assassins Creed to some people.

Sony Online and DC are joining forces for DC Universe Online, which is a MMORPG for the PS3. Basically, it is City of Heroes with DC characters for now.

Wii Sports Resort was announced at the Nintendo Conference today and it will bundle with the new Motiom Plus add-on (I'm getting the N64 Expansion Pak vibe with this one). I'm buying this one because it is Wii Sports and who knows if people will buy this like crazy since the first was free with the Wii console.

Little Big Planet continues to impress on the PS3 as we continue to wait a long time. Finally it is coming out this fall and will be something special.

More as the night progresses.

Guitar Hero: World Tour is still coming while I'm more hyped for Rock Band 2 and it does look like Rock Band now with all those charts in one screen - Blowout of videos below. I'm a fan of the new guitar's touch solo frets for easier solos hopefully. Also kind of weird that Rock Band instruments will work in World Tour like the drums considering the GH drum kit is way better I think.

The new Wolfenstein game is finally announced and here's the teaser for it (Got my Game Informer mag with this on the cover today too).

The Afro Samurai game looks stylish being cel-shaded and all even though I didn't watch the anime that much when it was on Spike TV. Definitely curious on how will this will turn out.

Another Infamous trailer showed up during the Sony conference with more story and gameplay in it. Still one of the PS3 exclusives worth getting.

Sonic Unleashed is maybe the Sonic game that breaks the curse of crap with the speedy Sonic sections. The Were-hog sections, however, are a completely different story and I'm not feeling that aspect. Make the game 100% speedy Sonic and I might buy it.

MadWorld is perhaps the only Wii game I'm looking forward to now with Nintendo's lackluster first-party Wii announcements (No WiiWare, Animal Crossing: City Folk - not a fan of AC). This is definitely the second coming for Clover, now Platinum Games, and the amount of awesomeness is amazing so far.

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