Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E3 2008 Trailers Day 3

MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift is looking really good so far. Looks like the variety of tracks will improve with jungles, more deserts / mountains / canyons, and other environments. Definitely one of the better racing games coming out this fall.

More Resistance 2 footage as this is the demo from the Sony conference of Nathan Hale shooting that huge monster as it slams him around. Pretty intense stuff...

Street Fighter IV is still my #1 most anticipated game and another video shows the focus attacks in action. I'm not a fan of some of the English voices (specifically Ryu and Ken), but everyone else seems fine. Hopefully playing this next week at Comic-Con if I'm actually going.

Rock Band 2 is also there at E3 and here's Ace of Spades being played.

Castlevania Judgment for the Wii is a weird game. First of all, it is the first Castlevania fighting game and it looks pretty ugly. I don't even know if the infamous characters look the same they were in their incarnations. A for effort for Konami to go outside the box for a Castlevania game on Wii, but it is something that fans probably don't need.

Killzone 2 is already looking good, but who knows if the gameplay can live up to the hype. So far, it seems that way and hopefully it will be consistently good by its February 2009 release.

Looks like Nintendo finally announced Pikmin 3 - Good for the Nintendo fanboys even though I'm not a fan of the series.

Gameplay footage of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is interesting stuff especially for a Spidey game. The combat feels improved and more stylish with more flashy moves. The red/black suit change at the fly is an interesting idea too, so hopefully it will be executed well by the time of its fall release.

Dark Void continues to impress as another original IP by Capcom. Since they're on a roll this generation with their retail releases, I hope Dark Void continues that roll.

Oh hey, another Resident Evil 5 Trailer!! Then again, it is the same trailer with some alternate scenes revealing some new unknown characters that Chris and Sheva will eventually clash with. Still one of most anticipated games till its release on March 13, 2009.

Finally some gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, a game I would still buy for the hell of it (I sort of did with MKA, but didn't like it too much). It is actually pretty good so far as Ed Boon talks about bringing back the gameplay to 2D MK games with the 3D graphics adding in the environmental moves, close kombat, freefall kombat, and the fatalities / brutalities (Scorpion's and Superman's are shown there). Definitely can surprise some people who think the whole concept is stupid and I might play it at Comic-Con next weekend.

More later...

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