Saturday, July 5, 2008

Forrest upsets Rampage....

Tonight I was watching UFC 86 with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings and boy it was worth the watch just for the main event. Even though the matches before Rampage vs. Forrest were decision after decision (one of them was a win by submission), they indeed lived up to the hype. All five rounds were great with Forrest dominating the second round and Rampage couldn't really figure anything out for the duration of the fight. Forrest definitely had a gameplan set to take the title with those leg kicks to weaken the legs while Rampage didn't seem like it wasn't his night even though he nailed some good shots to Griffin in the early going and later rounds. Now Forrest Griffin is the new Light Heavyweight Champion and it is hard to not like this guy rising up the ranks to truly become a superstar in the UFC. With the division so stacked, who knows when Rampage would get another title shot with Chuck and now Silva entering the division. All I can say is I would like to watch a rematch between Forrest and Rampage soon.

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