Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some Trailers for upcoming JRPGs

Here's some Japanese RPGs (not on PS3 or 360) u should care about.

One of last week's big announcements was Chrono Trigger DS being official and coming out this Winter at Japan (hopefully around the same time here at the U.S.). Now here's the first trailer and it definitely looks like Chrono Trigger. At least Squenix still cares about this legendary franchise and who knows if another game will happen, which seems like a miracle at this point.

Then we have Persona 4, coming out to PS2 this December. Persona 3 / FES was arguably the best JRPG in recent years with its crazy premise of kids shooting themselves to attack enemies and its amazing anime-like cutscenes. Persona 4 seems to have a different premise, but the same anime quality is still in. If you love RPGs, keep on the look out for this one.

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