Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadal outlasts the marathon of amazing tennis...

The whole day for me so far has been watching perhaps the greatest tennis match ever that lasted about 5 hours (going into the nighttime hours at London) with Rafael Nadal finally winning Wimbledon defeating Roger Federer for the first time in grass. I rooted for Nadal throughout the match as I woke up when he was up by two sets with the third set going on. When it went to a fifth set after two tiebreaks, I felt like the chokejob is going to happen, but Nadal kept it real and I knew he wanted it more than Roger this year. Props to Federer for that comeback with two tiebreak wins, but my boy pulled it out in the end. Even the three rain delays couldn't stop the greatest tennis match in recent memory. Now that Nadal has beaten Federer in his own game, it remains to be seen if Federer can beat Nadal at the French Open and it is not even close how Federer can improve in clay compared to Nadal in grass. Of course they can top themselves in a future match with each other seeing how young they still are.

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