Thursday, August 14, 2008

ABDC Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

A Championship Showdown for the ages..... Oh, its just the top 2 teams in America's Best Dance Crew going heads up in three different challenges hopefully to please more voters. I got my finale and it delivered on what I expected out of them even though Fanny Pak also deserved to be top 2 too.

The first challenge is some World based one as the crews have to dance to numerous styles throughout the world like African and Latin. SuperCrew went first and delivered a solid performance as expected despite not being in their comfort zone. I love the song choices with PitBull, Sean Paul's "We Be Burnin," and another song I already forgot.

So Real Cru, however, had a disappointing start for the night with their world dance routine. Nothing really memorable in their first piece as it felt sloppy from beginning to end. At least they have 2 more to redeem themselves.

The Dance Craze challenge was next as SuperCrew focused on their S symbol for their craze of doing it in the clubs. Otherwise, it is a typical performance from them with their b-boy antics as it could have been better.

So Real did redeem themselves in their dance craze performance and starting to show that they represent the Dirty South (Ahhhh... Asians with grills on their teeth). The signature Explosion and the Hulk Hands are also great for the routine. If you are keeping score now like JC, the game is tied with the Last Chance challenge next.

The last challenge is like last season's where the two crews have bust out to a custom track using their signature moves and style to show why America should vote for them.

SuperCrew did another James Brown song and they killed it again with b-boy moves as three groups of 2 took turns doing crazy moves as always. So Real performed to that Lil Wayne song that is always on the radio now and arguably had the best performance of the night treating it like a battle. After that challenge, it is a toss up who won that one.

Now it is up to the voting and hopefully people get it right and vote for my #1 pick SuperCrew. I called it from the beginning and they should win and I wouldn't mind So Real winning it either at this point since they actually stepped it up for the finale.

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